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Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Congo Brazzabille, Democratic Republic of the Congo, France, Guinea (Conakry), Italy, Mali, Mauritania, The Netherlands, Peru, Senegal, Switzerland, Sweden, Togo.

About us 

The association, founded in April 1992, was the initiative of a group of Belgian lawyers whose aim was to provide assistance and support for the legal profession; with its principle objective being the promotion and the protection of Human Rights for individuals involved in legal proceedings all over the world.

The association, which participates in all events of international co-operation, carries out its activities with the aim of ensuring the effective exercise of the rights of all people; its task being to prevent conflict and to encourage the respect and dignity of the individual and the public, within the context of the social, cultural, economic and political development of their country.

ASF id organized at an international level and is represented in 16 countries.

During the past 12 years the association has sent lawyers to support the rights of the defendant in cases in Turkey, Sierra Leone, Palestine, Brazil, Albania, Northern Ireland, Burundi, East Timor.

ASF has also played an active part in international justice with its involvement in the “prepcom” session in New York where the rules of the procedure for the new Criminal Court of Justice were elaborated.

These rules represent an important step forward with respect to the current regulations in force in the international courts. They refer to the rights of the defence during criminal investigations and the rights of the victim during criminal proceedings.

At the present time ASF other than to give a contribution to the International Penal Justice System and to the judicial cooperation suggests training projects to secure a qualified and fair defence in any criminal trial.

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