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ASF Italy supports Fair Trials Abroad to set up an European Agency for a reliable and competent defence.
european_defence_project.pdf (file Acrobat - 236KB)
agis_programme_partnership_declaration.pdf (file Acrobat - 88KB)
This leaflet provides some information on the organization of the criminal court services and how thet are used.
tribunale_giustizia.pdf (file Acrobat - 128KB)
Advocacy e Alternative Dispute Resolution
advocacy_alternative_dispute_resolutio.pdf (file Acrobat - 111KB)
Advocacy Training 2007
advocacy_training.pdf (file Acrobat - 121KB)
List of the Participants of the First Annual Conference and General Meeting of the IAACA
first_IAACA.pdf (file Acrobat - 632KB)
Communiqué issued after the Fair Trials International Legal Experts Advisory Panel Meeting (11 September 2009)
Communique_9_11_09_LEAP.pdf (file Acrobat - 146KB)
LEGAL EXPERTS ADVISORY PANEL Discrimination against non-national and non-resident defendants in the EU Meeting held on 11 September 2009 Draft Minutes
LEAP_1_9_09_minutes_FINAL.pdf (file Acrobat - 167KB)
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